Optical Sources provide a stabilized source of light at fixed wavelength with a  determined output power. Such source is used as a reference in the measurement of optical loss of fiber networks using an optical power meter (OPM).
Optical Sources are battery operated and, depending on versions, are suitable to work on single mode wavelengths (usually 1310 and 1550 nm), multimode wavelengths (i.e. 850 and 1300 nm) or a combination of those.
The light source can be optionally modulated at specific frequencies (usually 270, 1000 and 2000 Hz); modulation can be recognized by the optical power meter and is useful to identify fibers.
Some optical source provide an AUTO-WL recognition function; wavelength and other information related to the source are embedded in the light source and transmitted to the OPM which automatically sets accordingly. This feature works only on instruments of the same brand as the embedded information uses a proprietary protocol.

2 WL version 1310-1550yesyesyesyes
2 WL version 850-1300 nmyesyesyesyes
3 WL version 1310-1490-1550 nmyesnoyesno
3 WL version 1310-1550-1625 nmyesnoyesno
4 WL version 850-1300-1310-1550 nmnonoyesno
Plastic Optic Fiber versionyesyes nono
VFL as an optionyesnonono
Output nominal power [dBm, 1310-1150 nm]00-5-5
Adjustable output poweryesyesyes (1)no
15 min power stability [dB, 1310-1550 nm]±0.03±0.04±0.05< 0.1
8 hour power stability [dB, 1310-1550 nm]N/DN/D<0.1< 0.2
Modulated output [270, 1000, 2000 Hz]yesyesyesyes
Additional modulation frequenciesyesyesnono
Auto WL recognitionyesyesyesno
PoweralkalinealkalineNi-mh Ni-mh
Battery life [h]>80>35N/DN/D
Weight [kg]400150400270
Dimension [mm]105x90x3581x124x2576x160x4565x115x30

   (1) depending on version

KI2800 - Better than many desktop 

Kingfisher's KI2800 simply performs better than many desktop optical sources in terms of quality of the optical source.
This hi-end instrument is available in a variety of versions, also including specialized products for Plastic Optical Fiber (POF).
Auto-WL feature and multiple modulation frequencies are available as a standard.
Longest battery life: over 80 hours with standard alkaline cells
Best performance when paired with KI2600 OPM

Learn more here


KI 2800

KI9800 - Portable yet stable

Kingfisher's KI9800 is a lightweight source featuring a very high stability and great portability.
12 modulation tones in addition to standard ones
Adjustable output powe
Long battery life: 40 hours with 2 AAA alkaline cells
Available with most optical connectors, including SC, LC, MPO and POF
Best performance when paired with KI9600 OPM

Learn more here


RHS2 - Excellent for SM, MM or SM/MM applications

RHS2 light source is an excellent solution for daily measurement of optical loss.
Moreover, it is available in Quad version (850, 1300, 1310 and 1550 nm) version (RHS2Q01F) which perfectly suits applications for single and multimode networks.
All FHS2 versions have embedded AUTO-WL feature which proves very practical when this source is paired with RHP2 power meters.
Adapters for SC, ST and FC are included in the kit, which also includes a soft case and AC adapter.

RHS1 - Cost effective light source solution

HS1 is a very compact instrument which works great in every testing project.
FHS1 is available for SM (1310/1550 nm) or MM (850/1300 nm) fibers.
Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery; an auto power off feature helps saving energy.
Adapters for SC, ST and FC are included in the kit, which also includes a soft case and AC adapter.

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